About Me

I am currently living in New York City, working at CommonBond as a Risk Engineer since November 2017. I got my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Iowa State University at 2016. I am very passionate about machine learning and mobile development, check out my portfolio and GitHub.

I have a published iOS app in App Store Morse Transmitter, it's also open source on my GitHub account. It was built with Swift, can translate between Morse code and text, it's also capable of decoding Morse code audio at real time! Along with that, it has multiple language support, dynamic theming, supports both iPhone and iPad, and a Google Material Design UX (yup, I wrote an iOS dynamic framework for that, check it out).

I spend my spare time self study many math fields related to machine learning, also interested in numerical computing and parallel computing (learning CUDA now).


As a Risk Engineer at CommonBond, my main responsibility is implementing and maintaining our backend loan application decision engine and machine learning related projects and research. The decision engine is the heart of all loan application process and affects all business lines, so it's a crucial part of our business and integrated closely with all other in-house platforms. Being responsible for this 24 x 7 mission critical system is challenging, which requires us to put rigid testing in place and build/release pipelines that minimizes probability of error and failure.

Another part of my responsibility is machine learning engineering and data science. On the risk team we are constantly finding new ways to make sure we give everyone the best offer they deserve while minimizing the risk of our loan portfolio, this is a challenging task due to many factors (ethics and fairness, data availability, deployment effort, etc.) With the combination of machine learning and industry experience, we have answered many questions we've not been able to before, and using these models to improve customer experiences.

When I was an iOS developer at Bytemark, my responsibility was to build mobile apps that communicates with our backend server, to make our users' ticket purchasing and using experience as smooth as possible. Being in a scrum team, means constantly communicating other team members like Android, Windows, and platform developers, designers, etc. It's always satisfying to see our new features go live at the end of each sprint, and I'm glad I'm working on a team which everyone is doing their best to make our product better.

Before I worked at Bytemark, I worked at Workiva summer and fall 2014 as a software engineer intern. The culture and people there are very friendly, my manager was very patient and encouraging. I'm glad I worked in the team, had more experience and made more friends.

Working in an environment that encourages creativity and learning makes me feel comfortable and motivated. I have a strong passion for projects and technology I am interested in, I enjoy implementing ideas into reality.


Traveling is an important part of my life. I enjoy going to places I'm not familiar with, the unknown excites me. There are always things I've never seen or heard of out there, it always amazes me how different people and things can be in different places.

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