2048 Friends

I started this project on April 2014, and this is definitely one of my favorite project. 2048 Friends is an iOS game that's very similar to other 2048 games out there, except it allows you to use your Facebook friends' profile pictures to play instead of numbers. This App is inspired by my friend Cassidy Williams, she used the web version of 2048, and some friends' pictures for tiles. One day I saw her playing the game, so I thought it would be interesting to make a mobile version with Facebook friends' pictures.

I couldn't finish the development of this App last year (2014) due to school work, so it was idled for a long time. By the time I picked up this project again, Facebook updated their SDKs with Facebook Graph API 2.0. In the new API, you can only get a list of user's friends who is also using the App. For that reason, I never put this App on the App Store, but you can still checkout the source code from my GitHub repository.

I. Overview

You can play both the normal 2048 and the picture version of 2048 with this App. When the game starts, it is just the normal version of 2048, you can log into Facebook through menu to enable the picture version, along with other features.